Absence Management

Absence Management

What is Absence Management?

Absence management is a process that monitors and provides a clear view of employee attendance. This monitors attendance related issues such as illness, accidents, holidays, lieu days, maternity or even lateness instances. Managing this effectively is vital for businesses to maintain productivity in the workplace.

Every business that employs people should record attendance. This used to be through sign in sheets and various clock in cards, but more recently these days it’s a lot more digital with some high-tech solutions becoming more and more common in the workplace. These management processes are there to protect the productivity in the workplace that suffers when there are attendance issues. Where absence is below acceptable levels or where there is not a valid reason, these logs become a vital piece of evidence that is required to progress an individual down a performance management or the disciplinary route.

What are some of the effects from poor attendance and bad absence management?

a) Someone will have to cover the absentees workload or shift
b) Productivity reduces which in return reduces profitability to the business
c) Delays in deadlines or completions of projects
d) Negativity among other colleagues
e) Additional work on other employees can lead to mistakes
f) Can reduce quality of service to your customer

You can soon start to see the knock on effects of poor attendance at a workplace where poor policies or procedures are not in place or being adhered to.

How can you tackle poor attendance?

There are a number of ways to tackle absence, all with different challenges along the way. The best and ideal outcome is to research the root causes of poor attendance on a case by case basis, documenting your findings and conversations. Sometimes you may find it’s a health-related issue, or there could be underlying reasoning for a person’s absence such as a personal issue. Either way, investigatory reviews are required to determine if the absence occurrences are justified and / or warranted before you can make any disciplinary moves. Often once the reasoning is determined, a solution can be found that both parties can agree on most of the time. Where individuals cannot keep to what is agreed, this adds to grounds for performance managing the employee due to attendance.

OptHR have dealt with many absence related issues within the workplace and have developed strategies and processes with clients to improve the attendance levels from their employees. Whilst we improve these issues for our clients, we also implement new strategies and policies that protect the business against poor attendance increasing productivity for our clients. We do this by developing the processes, training and teaching awareness of the processes and helping identify route causes for regular absences. We also advise on the best outcomes and next steps to follow during any disciplinary proceedings or performance managment processes.

Try our HR Software that allows you to monitor and track attendance for your employees.

If you are having any absence issues within your company, get in touch with us where we can advise, support or review your absence processes. It is important that businesses are mindful of any potential equality issues when managing absence; OptHR can guide you in this, ensuring you comply with equality legilsation

Call us or contact us, we are happy to help your business with absence issues.

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Opt HR is a very professionally run, proactive and highly qualified HR consultancy and I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone needing HR services and/or coaching for themselves and their business. She excels in everything she does and adds real value to her clients!

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