A Fresh Way to Improve Efficiency and Expand Productivity

As the second half of 2018 begins, you can’t help but reflect on your successes (and setbacks) as you think about what lies ahead.

When all has gone well, your next steps are clear. Double down on what’s working and get implementing towards that next milestone. But what happens if you’re falling short of targets, are struggling to get profitable, and are stuck with outdated systems and methods that aren’t taking you forward?

This is a common problem for new and established businesses alike, but the solution is the same. A fresh approach is the only way out. Tackle old ways with new thinking and you’ll unlock the ideas that will take your business to the next step.

One such approach is Organisational Development.

Let me explain what this means in practice…

The way your business runs influences your employees’ performance, motivation, and productivity. It sounds obvious, but when was the last time you reviewed how your structures, processes, and systems bring out the best in the staff that work for you?

If your business isn’t set up to inspire peak performance, innovation, and productivity, your company will always fall short of its potential. That’s because you’ll never get the most out of your most valuable resource – your talent.

So what’s the solution?

It’s a two-pronged approach…

Firstly, you need to get clear on the systemic changes that need to happen to get your business thriving. For example, how does your appraisal system motivate your employees to step up? How do your workflows drive profitability? What tweaks could be made to your standard operating procedures to stimulate growth?

However, these structural changes can’t be made in isolation.

It’s critical these business processes are reviewed in the context of the people that have to work with them. That’s where the sweet spot lies.

If you can simultaneously improve your company AS WELL AS your employees’ happiness, fulfilment, and well-being, you will unlock a spiral of continuous growth, productivity, and ultimately profitability.

That’s what an Organisational Development approach can do for you.

Organisational Development isn’t without its challenges. Anything that shifts the status quo creates uncertainty and this change requires careful management. However, with the right approach, the benefits will outweigh the downside enormously.

In fact, create a Process + Employee plan for business growth, and your company could end 2018 with one of its best years yet.

Want to chat about how Organisational Development could work for you? If so, get in touch.

I can help you diagnose the underperforming, unstructured, risky areas of your business then put together an integrated plan that will empower your people to increase the bottom line. So if you’re fed up with your current results and you know you can do better, I’d love to hear from you.

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