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Rachel Wade - Senior Independent HR Consultant and Director at Opt HR

Rachel Wade is an HR expert unlike any other – just ask some of the people she’s worked with.

It’s more than just experience, of which she has over 23 years in a wide range of different industries, including energy, professional services, construction and property, water technology and vehicle exchange.

And it’s more than mere expertise – Rachel is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, has skills ranging from technical know-how to strategic programme leadership and was also nominated for a Women Who… Start Up and  Women Who… Network award, for her work with Opt HR.

What makes Rachel really stand out from others in her field is her personality and her passion. Rachel is amazing at what she does primarily because she genuinely loves it, and this love of her work is part of a love for life in general and a genuine commitment to helping other people.

When Rachel isn’t giving 100% to her clients, she dedicates herself to her leisure pursuits with equal passion. A keen traveller who likes to combine her exploration of the world with her love of yoga, Rachel enjoyed yoga retreats in Bali and Sri Lanka in recent years and is looking forward to another in Goa in 2019.

She loves having adventures in the great outdoors, and whether at the top of the mountain or on a beautiful beach, she will try anything once.

And when she can’t find the time to travel, she loves nothing more than cooking up a storm for one of her legendary dinners for friends and family.

And obviously, it goes without saying that the energy and enthusiasm she has for her work make Rachel an extremely effective partner for business owners and management teams. Not to mention the advantage her incisive thinking and people-oriented creativity give her when it comes to designing practical and flexible HR strategies that are tailor-made for each individual client.

Whether you’re a start-up, an SME or a blue-chip FTSE-listed corporation, Rachel will bring her passion and her personality to bear and deliver strategic and operational HR solutions that will drive your business forward.

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Rachel Wade Independent HR consultant offering advice to a client

Generous and authentic. An impressive and inspiring lady with a strong track record.

A delight to work with … A true professional.

An absolute pleasure.

…you will always get honesty from Rachel. She is an excellent operator with a great personality with a huge sense of fun.


This is our team and this is what we do

At Opt HR we have something of a reputation for tying everything together. It’s often the case in business that things are running smoothly on the whole, but issues with people management are clogging up the works. Having a company like Opt HR on-hand, offering support where it’s most needed, without the expense of hiring a lawyer or an HR professional, can solve this problem and get your business operating to its full potential.

So why choose Opt HR?

At Opt HR we strive to make a real difference to your business and to the people who work for you. We want your business to really benefit from valuable people management strategies and that’s why everything we do is uniquely designed and adapted to suit your specific needs.

For us to be able to do that, we have to really get to know and understand your business and build up a trusting relationship. This is absolutely vital as it helps us help you to identify where we need to focus and where we can add most value.

Human Resource Solutions And Advice

When you opt for Opt HR, you receive:

Dedicated team

A team of qualified professionals with a vast amount of combined experience and specialist skills


Innovative, fresh ideas, but not at the expense of tried and tested solutions that we’ve seen work time and time again

Fresh prospective

An objective and totally independent perspective on your people management issues

Peace of mind

Total peace of mind, knowing that all of human resource issues have been dealt with quickly and professionally

We know that managing HR issues can be a tough, thankless and even lonely task for employers. Thankfully, in Opt HR you have a team of dedicated professionals who you can trust to do it for you.

Whether it’s dealing with absence, dismissals and disciplinary, grievances, investigations, restructuring, redundancies, performance issues, settlement agreements or any other Employee Relations issues; whether it’s avoiding or having to manage tribunal claims, taking on Recruitment or instigating an Employee Development programme, Opt HR can take away the pain.

In short, our aim is to reduce the risks your business takes, enable you to make sensible, informed and justifiable decisions, and ultimately, to add financial value to your business.