Award winning HR Service Provider celebrates 4 years in business

Our journey to our award…

My name is Rachel Wade. Four years ago, I was at a crossroads in my career, not sure whether to take the next HR Director role, I’m sure you may have been in this position.  I loved HR but I did start to wonder if it was time for a change.  So, after much deliberation and extensive research, I took the bold decision to create Opt HR a HR Service Provider.  Most of my family and friends were behind me, it was great to have their support as it was a bold step and I’ll admit a little scary.  I thought what’s the worst that can happen? If it didn’t work out, I could just get a job!

So, Opt HR, a HR Consultancy based in Coventry, Warwickshire and the West Midlands was born.  Opt HR operates widely across the UK.  My focus would be to take all of my skills, knowledge and experience and impart that to business owners and business leaders in the SME market.

Let me explain, during my over 24 years career in HR; I started as a HR Administrator and then worked my way up to HR Director for an international corporation.  In that time, I enjoyed many successful years of troubleshooting and implementing strategic decisions throughout our sites. But I’d always dreamt about having my own business.

In the past 4 years Opt HR has gone from strength to strength, offering a wide range of HR Services and outsourced HR solutions to suit all types of businesses in the SME Market.  From Retained HR Services, Ad-hoc HR Support and value driven HR Software and affordable e-learning.

What is pleasing to me is that our efforts are not un-noticed having been provided an award for the services we offer. This year we won the award for Best HR Services Provider 2019 – West Midlands which makes me extreamly proud of what we as a business have achieved. You can read more about the award on this link

Award Winning HR Service Provider Team Growth

As with any business Opt HR was experiencing capacity issues, I was working long days, nights and evenings to meet the needs of my clients and work on the business.  In November 2018, Opt HR took the next step of business growth and Cara Jenkins, HR Consultant joined Opt HR and we celebrated the anniversary of her arrival and milestone for HR jointly with Opt HR’s 4th year anniversary.

HR Service Provider OPTHR having a team outing to celebrate the 4 years anniversary and team expansion
HR Service Provider OPTHR having a team outing to celebrate the 4 years anniversary and team expansion

Rachel Says – “Cara has proved to be a great asset to the Opt HR team, she is highly astute to all HR matters and HR topics and focuses on delivering the highest quality of HR service to our clients. It’s been a joy to work with Cara and I’m looking forward to seeing her career grow with Opt HR.”

Cara Says – “HR has a number of key functions for businesses, essentially: compliance – ensuring businesses operate within the law; troubleshooting – solving problems as they arise; and strategic planning – developing a people plan to ensure the business can meet its strategic goals. I have loved working with Opt HR over the last year to help our clients solve their short term problems and meet their longer term goals. Each day is interesting and varied. I am looking forward to the future as our business grows, to continuing to provide a great service to our existing and new clients.”

Opt HR’s Services are different to other HR Service Providers

I have a BIG frustration with my industry (perhaps you feel the same way about yours!) But after a lot of thinking, I’ve decided this is actually a good thing. After all, frustrations lead you to ask different questions. They inspire you to look at a situation with fresh eyes. They provide the gateway to breakthroughs, new ways of working, and ultimately transformation.

However, despite my love for an industry I have a deep passion for, I do get frustrated that most people fail to see the huge potential HR holds for their business. You see, most people push HR into the box of compliance, legislation, and tick boxes. And while HR fundamentals are about ensuring things are watertight for you and your staff, there’s a whole other folder waiting for you to open.

And once you’ve got the fundamentals nailed, this other folder presents opportunities for business growth and personal development that can blow your mind.

And that’s what frustrates me!

A great HR Service Provider is an enabler, and your business can transform in all kinds of ways. From improved attendance, to staff development, to implementing significant changes that rock your world.  Leverage this aspect of HR and it does become a game-changer.

And I want to create the space and opportunities for more of that to happen.

Here’s how I’m going to do it…

Two ways to change your world, your business, and your team’s success

HR Consulting: There is and always will be a demand for HR advice and consultation.

Get your HR wrong and you can get into all sorts of rough water. From tribunals to fines to getting tied up in red tape, you’ve heard it all before! So don’t worry, you can rely on us to help you navigate the waters.

You can rely on OptHR to be your HR Service Provider and to help you get compliant, stay compliant, and troubleshoot any ongoing or ad hoc issues and challenges. Everything from grievances to absence, to behaviour management, our team of highly skilled, highly knowledgeable experts will help you get on top.

But that’s not all…

HR Coaching: I’ve been coaching my entire professional career. From front-line staff to top-level management, I love helping people work through hurdles, achieve their goals, and show up as their best.

Last year, I became certified as a Master Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) Coach.  Specialising in supporting HR Leaders and Business Leaders who want to harness the potential of themselves, and their team to transform their business, I’ve launched a series of coaching packages.

Focusing on skills development, mindset, and strategies to achieve goals, this coaching opportunity offers accountability and will help high achievers keep pushing forward.  

To me it’s clear…

Change the perception of HR in business and we can unlock a raft of skills, expertise and knowledge that businesses and managers can leverage to embed and navigate change.

It’s a big goal, but I’m inspired by the possibilities because of what it means for people, leaders, business and clients.  So, if you’d like to be part of a drive for excellence that will help you raise the bar in your life, career and business, get in touch and let’s discuss the options available. Please contact us at

Here’s to many more years of delivering the Best HR Services to our clients and further growing Opt HR’s Services wider across the region and UK. We hope to continue helping UK businesses with their essential HR services and we look forward to troubleshooting some of the issues you may face. Effective planning will can go a long way to having great HR policies in place – I’m excited about the future possibilities and opportunities.

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