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HR Services Based In Birmingham

I recently referred an important client to Rachel as she is very experienced, professional and has a commercial, strategic approach. I completely trust her as a ‘safe pair of hands’ and she is great to work with. I would happily recommend Rachel and look forward to continuing to work with her.

Helen Dyke
Associate at Irwin Mitchell LLP

I referred Rachel to a client to carry out a very difficult and high level dismissal appeal process. My client was delighted with Rachel’s assistance and the end result.

Siobhan Mulrey
Employment Solicitor at Irwin Mitchell

I have recently worked with Rachel & found her to be highly professional & engaging. She listened well to our needs & provided us with advice on aspects of HR. I would actively recommend Rachel’s services to my clients & look forward to working with her again in the future!!

Rachel Woodward
Property Investment Advisor

HR Support in Birmingham

Birmingham is a vibrant city with a thriving business community. Opportunity is everywhere, and businesses are growing in size to accommodate the increased demand for their services. Opt HR has been working with Birmingham businesses helping achieve this growth for almost 20 years, and can help you and your business achieve more. We have helped several clients within different industries across the main Birmingham areas, such as Birmingham City Centre, Edgbaston, West Bromwich, Sutton Coldfield‎ , and other near areas.

Our HR experts can provide you with sound advice to help you manage your HR needs without all the stress that comes with it. Choosing the right HR company that can support your business can be difficult, but this is why we are here!

Struggling with HR? Outsource your HR Services!

For any company that employs people, the government has enforced legal obligations on that company to ensure the employees are treated fairly. Balancing the growth of the business with the responsibilities of an employer can be a difficult line to tread and falling off it can lead to tribunals with massive repercussions both financially and to your business’s reputation.

This is where Human Recourses (HR) comes in, as a bridge between the business and the people that operate within it. Many see HR as a time intensive and laborious task that takes away from the time you want to be spending growing your business. The solution is to outsource your HR requirements to HR professionals who not only keep you safely on the line but also apply their expertise to show you how to get the most out of your employees.

We are Opt HR and our Birmingham HR consultants are on hand to help you excel in your business.

HR solutions to help your business grow

While you cannot remove the unpredictability of people, you can mitigate it by being prepared. Opt HR can create documents for handbooks, contract agreements, policies and procedures that educate, enforce and empower people interacting with and within your business. All documents are designed to be clear and compliant, so you can focus on what you do best.

When you outsource your company’s HR functions and pass all this work to human resource specialists that will take care of it, you will then have time to focus on your business goals and free up your time. Our HR consultants have years of experience working with different companies and they know how important it is to develop a tailored HR strategy that will work for your business needs.

Reacting to events for the optimal outcome

Life throws challenges at everyone and people react to them differently, you need to be able to resolve issues not just for yourself, but for your team if you want a motivated and efficient workforce. We are here to provide excellent HR advice and assistance to you in the event you need to deal with employee issues such as disciplinaries or dismissals. We can find a solution that fits with your companies’ culture so we maintain your values, even with difficult situations.

Looking Ahead

Businesses that are looking to grow understand there is a limit to what they can accomplish in their current state. Growth often requires building a larger team that can create changes to the business such as the organisational structure or the company culture. We work with you so you build the best team and achieve your goals.

The UK is a level playing field because all companies require HR compliance. We do not just focus on what you can not do, we know where the boundaries are and advise you on where you can do more, and by applying our knowledge to your business we can empower you to build a business better and faster.

So whether you’re looking for the confidence to take action, or you want trusted advice to align your people policies with your vision for growth, Opt HR can help you move forward.


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