Managing Working Parents During Lockdown – 2020

Managing Working Parents During Lockdown – 2020 Introduction The coronavirus pandemic has changed the face of working life in the UK. This blog will explore some key differences when Managing Working Parents During Lockdown – 2020.Many industries have closed down completely, and for others that nature of how and when they work has been transformed. […]

Furlough, Annual Leave & Return to Work – 2020

Introduction What an unprecedented time the last few months has been, with the introduction of the furlough scheme by the Government. The scheme rules have evolved since its introduction, and this blog contains a summary of the latest advice, particularly in relation to annual leave, where the advice has changed and changed again. Additionally, as […]

HR Nightmares Hiding in the Dark Corners of Your Business

HR Nightmares Are issues with your Human Resources causing you nightmares or frights? Are you hiding in the dark corners of your business? In considering what SMEs are challenged with, we’re going to look at some of the worst issues that a small business may have to deal with. All in the spirit of unveiling […]

Are Your Contracts of Employment and HR Policies a Risk to Your Business?

Have you taken the time to protect yourself against Risk? I’m sure you have by having business insurance in place and contracts with your suppliers and clients. But what about your employees? By have having incorrect or out of date Contracts of Employment and HR Policies, they actually introduce risk to the business – they […]

Award winning HR Service Provider celebrates 4 years in business

Our journey to our award… My name is Rachel Wade. Four years ago, I was at a crossroads in my career, not sure whether to take the next HR Director role, I’m sure you may have been in this position.  I loved HR but I did start to wonder if it was time for a […]

Read Opt HR’s Employment Law Update

Employment law 2019 changes Employers and workplaces need to be aware of recent changes to the law. There are two key months in the calendar – April and October. In this article we will go into some differences in the law and how it will affect employers across the country. There aren’t many key changes […]

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