Do You Know The Dangers Of Downloading HR Policies From The Internet?

We have recently come across a number of policies in the UK that clients have downloaded from (what they believe to be reputable sources on) the internet. But downloading policies from the internet can be a danger to your business.

Opt HR found that that the HR policies were not written in a way that will be helpful to the business.

As HR experts with years of experience as HR Consultants, having reviewed these policies we identified a wide range of serious concerns about these policies. Overall, we found that they were not written in way that will provide the business with an effective framework for managing people issues should they arise. A good HR policy will allow the business to manage issues to a successful conclusion.

What are the key issues identified with downloading policies from the internet?

The key issues we identified in our review were:

  • There was no accompanying contract clause with the necessary contractual information in for contracts of employment
  • The policies lacked clear parameters specific to the individual circumstances of the businesses
  • Key information was missing from the policies
  • Policies were not GDPR compliant
  • Policies did not include protection for the business if circumstances changed
  • Disciplinary clause wording was highly inappropriate
  • Flexibility to allow the business to monitor employees was lacking
  • Policies did not include a statement detailing that the policy is not contractual and can be changed at any time
Dangers of Downloading HR Policies from the Internet
Dangers of Downloading HR policies from the Internet

How can Opt HR’s expert HR Consultants help?

Writing policies is a skill that we offer at Opt HR. Our HR Consultants are experts in this field and our approach to policies is to provide a clear framework of expectations of employees and employees responsibilities and rights of the business as an employer.

With the ever present legal risk of employees making a claim against the business it is essential that employers get their policies right.

Will Brexit affect HR Policies?

With the current economic and political uncertainty in the UK around; the value of the pound. Will there be a recession. What will our government look like in the coming weeks and months. Whether Boris Johnson will remain Prime Minister and whether we will remain in the EU. Leave with no deal or the entire process will be delayed until 2020. All this means it is essential that employers retain key staff to steer their business through these uncertain times. And why having HR policies that support and reflect your business operation is a must. Despite this uncertainty, you still need to ensure you protect your business. Along with adbiding with your legal obligations as an employer.

Typically, what are your employees considering?

Finally, experience tells us that after the summer holiday period and heading into the new year is when employees review their future and employers can experience an increase in employees resigning to take up new opportunities. So now is a good time to ensure you are robust when it comes to notice periods, garden leave and end of contract obligations to protect your business. If in doubt, seek expert HR advice and guidance to ensure you don’t leave yourself open to employment risks.

For further information and advice, or a Complimentary HR Audit – a health check for your business, please contact us at There’s no obligation, we are here to help…

Make sure your business starts 2020 in great shape!

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