Don’t end your year until you’ve taken this critical step

With Christmas rushing ever closer, I’m sure you’re busy turning your attention to the festivities, parties, and downtime with the people you love.

But before you down tools for the year, can I encourage you to reflect on the time that’s passed first

Looking back to see what went well (and what didn’t) is vital in business.

If you don’t learn from the past you risk repeating the same mistakes unnecessarily.

And if you don’t identify what worked well, you can’t embed these insights into your 2018 plan.

Of course you should reflect across your entire business, but as well as focusing on the financials, remember to spend some time reviewing your HR.

Remember, your employees are critical to the success of your business.

And to help you do your HR review productivity, here are some resources and ideas to help:

Work through your HR checklists

Download our HR Checklists here

With the right team in place (backed up by robust HR systems and processes), you can lead from the front. You won’t get caught up or bogged down in day-to-day staffing issues, and if you do, there will be measures in place to sort them quickly and efficiently.

In turn, you create the headspace and freedom to look ahead and work towards your bigger goals.

Just imagine – instead of feeling held back by the nitty-gritty, you’ll be free to focus on the bigger picture. It’s liberating!

So make some time between now and the New Year to work through your HR checklists. Here’s the list of resources I’ve made available to you:

  1. HR Checklist
  2. HR Health Check
  3. HR Legal Compliance Checklist
  4. HR Audit Checklist
  5. How to Give an Effective Employee Evaluation

Download our HR Checklists here

Once finished, you’ll have a clear picture of what’s in place and what you need.

[And if you panic because elements are missing, just get in touch! We can arrange a time to chat and figure out a strategy to get you back on top.]

Answer the 12 Questions

With the HR fundamentals sorted, you can turn your attention to the future.

To help, I’ve put together a list of 12 questions that will help you leverage your employees and make it easier for you to grow your business in 2018.

These 12 questions are broad and designed to get you thinking strategically – so you can identify what steps will empower your staff and help you move your business to the next level.

Download the 12 Questions

HR is a business growth tool

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what HR is (and what it isn’t):

  • HR isn’t all about the processes and procedures.
  • It’s not about ticking boxing and doing the bare minimum to avoid a tribunal.
  • It’s not about tying your hands and leaving you frustrated and trapped in your own business.

Instead, a good HR strategy should encourage you to think strategically about your most valuable resource – your people.

So if you’re ready to leverage the full potential of the staffing resource in your business, I’m here to help.

To get started, download your free resources designed to help you reflect on 2017 – so you can look forward to achieving more next year.

Rachel Wade FCIPD, Director Opt HR

Empowering business owners with the knowledge, direction, and expertise to leverage their people resource.

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