Expert skills are required when it comes to managing your people, how many of these skills do you have?

Operating and growing your business without HR expertise is challenging at best and a constant uphill struggle at worst.  If you’ve ever had to tackle a people issue on your own, you’ll know just how stressful it can be.

Between trying to manage your legal obligations, and meeting your operational requirements, you’re expected to wear many hats and be an expert in all areas.  But how comfortable do you feel in managing your HR issues?  Realistically, do you hold the skills required to perform HR activities competently?

Essential skills of Human Resources Management – how many do you have?

Dealing with Grey

A surprisingly large percentage of the HR issues managers face are in “the grey area.” Is it discrimination? Is it harassment? What’s a “reasonable” accommodation? How far over backward do you have to lean to approve intermittent leave? Managers have to be able to act with incomplete and “best available” information.


Along with grey comes the need to negotiate—there are often two or more opposing views, and a successful HR pro can find an acceptable middle ground. Remember, the goal of negotiation is to end up with two parties that are satisfied with the outcome, and that’s not often easy to achieve.

Discrete and Ethical

Who’s wearing this hat in your company? HR professionals are the conscience of the company, as well as the keepers of confidential information. As HR serves the needs of top management, also monitor their actions toward employees to be sure that policies and regulations are followed. There needs to be push back when they aren’t in order to keep the company on the straight and narrow. Not an easy responsibility.

Conflict Management and Problem Solving

News flash! Everyone doesn’t always get along with everyone else. High productivity demands that people work together at least civilly. Managers have to find ways to allow that to happen. And that’s to say nothing of the myriad other problems that hit your in-box – you can’t be effective without a strong problem-solving ability.

If you feel that you and your business would benefit from these skills from a HR expert, contact Opt HR, we are here to help!

Rachel Wade

Senior HR Consultant, Opt HR Limited, Contact us 024 7627 |

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