Get it right, first time – Recruiting HR staff

So your business has been moving in the right direction for quite some time and you’ve realised that your people really are your greatest asset.  You know that effective HR practices and procedures can be the cornerstone of strategic growth and you feel like you no longer have the time or energy to manage everything all on your own.

You’ve decided that bringing in a dedicated member of staff to take care of people issues within your company is the way forward. Often, this can be a fantastic move.  Having your own HR director, HR manager, or even HR administrator could be thnext step in your big plan.

But how do you know that you’ve found the right person, and what should you even be looking for?

Let’s consider what you need to know when it comes to finding your new team Member.

Look for a businessperson, first and foremost

These days, people management isn’t all about ticking boxes and offering employees tea and sympathy.  Savvy leaders know this, and they recognise the strategic value that HR can bring to the table.

You need to make sure that you arent getting bogged down with the finer details and that ultimately, you’re looking for a talented business mind that can drive profits and help you to smash organisational goals.

Get really clear on what you expect

Typing up a list of general requirements that cover what you think you might expect from your new member of staff isn’t enough.  Sure, they might have responsibility for ensuring that your policies are up to date, and records are kept, but you need to carry out some much deeper analysis of what the role will entail, and who it will suit.

Never forget that the recruitment process works both ways. Even in times of economic uncertainty, talented candidates will have other options. Giving them a realistic view of what’s involved with working for you will make sure that you get the right person and that you hold on to them.

Remember that hiring isn’t your only option 

Sometimes, recruiting a permanent member of staff really is the best option.  Often though, there are other solutions that are overlooked. Welcoming a new team member and everything that’s involved in this process, can be costly and time consuming, so it’s definitely worth ensuring that you’ve considered all your options before you rush into something that might not be the best fit right now.

Take a step back. What do you really need? One route that’s definitely worth thinking about is bringing in an HR consultant. If you want more flexibility, but you still want cracking experience and a proven track record, then we might be able to help.  We have a range of options, whether you’re looking for some help at a strategic level, or you need to do some firefighting on the office floor before making sure that the same thing doesn’t happen again.

Want to discuss your circumstances with an expert, so you can work out what you need to do next?  We can help you to take a step back and ensure that you take the right route, first time. Give us a call to arrange a no-obligation consultation.

Rachel Wade, Senior HR Consultant, Opt HR Limited, 7627 2908

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