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Legionella Awareness Training Course


Legionella is the bacterium which causes legionnaires’ disease, a severe and often lethal form of pneumonia. It flourishes in places such as air conditioning and central heating systems. Therefore, it is essential for all premises containing a man-made water system to ensure that the system is safe and free from harmful bacteria with regular maintenance.

Why Choose our Legionella Awareness Course?

Our training course can be accessed online and the learners have the advantage of studying from the comfort of their home. The Legionella Awareness Training Course is aimed at all employers and staff that require the knowledge to identify the dangers behind Legionella, as well as giving the learner an understanding of how to assess the risks Legionella poses.


Who is this course for?


  • Carers
  • Child Care Professionals
  • Food Handlers
  • Facilities Managers


training course for legionella

Legislations relating to Legionella Training Course

It is important that companies remain complied with the industry regulations as set out by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 along with the HSE’s updated code of practice known as L8, published in 2013. It has been outlined, therefore, that companies and building owners are under the legal obligation of managing Legionella.

Course syllabus

  • Course syllabus
  • What is Legionella?
  • Risk Areas
  • Legislation
  • Risk Management
  • Water System Monitoring
  • Cooling System Awareness

Course benefits 

The advantage of following an online course means that you can study at your own pace. Our tutors will assist you in case you are stuck with one of the topics within the course and they will offer you support throughout the course.


The participants will receive a Legionella Awareness Certification and they will be prepared to tackle any issues associated with it.

Legionella Awareness Training Course


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