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Online Safeguarding Course


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Why Choose Our Safeguarding Course?


We believe in a safer environment for every human being in which everyone has the equal right to grow, flourish and develop into a healthy individual. Mutual respect, developing healthy habits, having the right to be happy and being treated well regardless of race, gender, age or beliefs should be the pillars of what everyone abides by.

Our Safeguarding Training courses are going to lay the foundation of the guidelines behind safeguarding and the protection of human individuals that might be victims of abuse, neglect or other forms of harm. Our participants are also trained on how to properly take action when they identify early signs that show someone could be a potential victim. 

The team behind Opt HR aims to give you the right skills to strengthen your confidence and provide the right expert knowledge that you require to have an impeccable work ethic while all of your safeguarding training requirements are met.  

Safeguarding Children


An essential development program for those who work in educational environments, our safeguarding children course allows the participants to act as responsible and professional individuals that are able to take the right action during a lifesaving situation which involves children or young people. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the responsibilities that you are required to fulfill in order to successfully provide the right care for any young individual that might require your help.


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Safeguarding Adults


When working with vulnerable groups of the community, it is within our moral duty to do something about any signs of abuse that we could encounter. Recognising that the wellbeing of a person is at risk, identifying the right measurements and further steps towards restoring the safety of those people are only some of the guidelines that our Safeguarding Adults Course will provide. Ideal for those who work with adults vulnerable due to age, mental capacity or impoverished circumstances, we aim to provide the right training and make a change in the community.


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