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Opt HR Connections

Working in HR can often be an isolated position. Caught between staff welfare, business targets and legislation, guiding a team through change towards becoming a successful, cohesive and inspired workforce is not an easy task. Many will agree.

That is why Opt HR Connections are pioneering an opportunity for HR Professionals in Coventry and Warwickshire to come together and talk all things HR and also to spend some time learning and networking to enhance their own development… something which is often left until last, or never got around to.

The time is now. Not least with the arrival of the 2021 City of Culture title, Coventry and Warwickshire are readily presenting exciting new opportunities. A HR forum, helping to keep our collective fingers on the pulse, will ensure we’re best placed to thrive.

Each event will feature

  • Networking
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Hot Seat to share, discuss and solve current challenges
  • Peer to peer support and buddying
  • Action planning and accountability for the next meeting

Rachel Wade

“We are creating a tailored and connected community that is supported by established HR leaders who bring a wealth of wisdom and experience.” says Rachel Wade, Director of Opt HR Connections. “Cultivating peer support, networking and sharing best practices, the forum will support HR Professionals to increase their impact, delivering strategic and operational HR solutions that really unlock the full potential of people power.”

With networking support, inspirational speakers and commercial expertise, HR Professionals can expect to return from this forum with a broader perspective, feeling more energised, confident and creative, and empowered with current information to take action.

Please help us make sure that all the HR Specialists and Professionals near you know of this event.