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HR software designed to tame your HR chaos

Our HR software package is designed to aid your SMEs needs and successfully allow your business to develop and maintain a culture based on efficient management and strategic use of administrative tools while your teams work seamlessly together. It should be your number one priority to get the right HR software and with Opt HR, we can help you with the best HR tools that you and your teams need in order to reduce the daily workflow, become more time-savvy and maximize internal efficiency.


HR Packages

The Success of Your Company is about Managing Your Employees — Not Paper.

Using the right HR Package will rapidly simplify your daily HR processes while your performance improves and your business continues to maintain a consistent flow across all departments. Forget about the old-fashioned way of keeping track of your employee data and move everything on a functional online HR platform.

Ideal for any business that wants to seamlessly achieve their goals without losing focus, our HR Software for small business will support the overall business goals by eliminating the stress of managing HR in a chaotic way. When everything is in one, secure place, you won’t need to worry anymore. 

Specifically designed for small to medium businesses, our proactive system is the way to bring the innovation element into your business mix. 


What is HR Software?

An HR System can be imaged as a smart, all-in-one smart tool for businesses who want to manage their HR processes in a more time-efficient and modern manner. Also known as a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or Human Resource Information System (HRIS), it allows your business to streamline daily tasks in a strategic way, improve the overall planning strategies and support your future decision-making plans based on accurate data and updated reports.

Take Control of your Employee Data with Bespoke HR System

Our system lets you focus on your company goals and forget about the admin. The core features behind our package include managing employee profile, absence management, performance, training and reports, all designed to let you take your business to the next level.

Employee Data

Centralise Employee Data – A platform where you can easily and safely access all your HR data from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Holiday Requests

Approve Monitor Holiday Requests – Holiday management is simple with a straightforward holiday allowance display, employee self-service, and a central holiday calendar.

Employee absence

Manage Employee Absence – Easily manage and monitor employee sick leave and absences with the manager dashboard, central calendar and reports functionality.

Streamline Reports

Streamline Reports -Spot important trends by generating custom reports that show only the information you need.

Organise documents

Organise Documents -Securely store or share documents with specific employees knowing that all your company and employee documents are in one easy to use location.

Track Expenses

Track Expenses -Easily manage employee expense claims and generate reports to help calculate budgets and spot trends.

Set Permissions

Set Permissions & Be Organised -Set line manager and employee permissions to simplify your day and use the automatically generated tasks and email reminders to keep you on track.

Boost Performance

Boost Performance – Promote peer-to-peer recognition and give praise, manage appraisals, increase communication channels, set one-to-one meetings and manage objectives.

API System Integration

API System Integration – Streamline information across your favourite systems and be rest assured knowing that your data has synced perfectly between platforms.

The advantage with the Opt HR package is that there’s no tie-in or contract: you just pay a monthly subscription to get access to all the tools you need.


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