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Small Business HR Support

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Small Business HR Support

Administrative responsibilities can burden any company, but for smaller businesses, in particular, your time is precious and managing human resources can be a heavy burden. When you run a small company with limited time and resources, the last thing you want to do is divert your attention from the core business. Outsourcing your human resources tasks can reduce your administrative workload and free up your time efficiently. Getting the right HR support as a small company means that you can focus on your business objectives and achieve your goals without worrying about any of the human resource stress.

At Opt HR, we offer HR solutions for small businesses to help drive you forward by providing practical, bespoke and flexible solutions that are guaranteed to overcome even the most complex human resource challenges.

We pride ourselves on delivering all aspects of HR within a variety of industries, partnering with small companies within Coventry & Warwickshire and across the UK.

Whether you’re a thriving SME or even starting out, we can work in partnership with you, making sure you comply with employment law whilst supporting your business and delivering pragmatic, adaptable solutions for all your people management requirements.

Small business team looking for HR support

Performance management systems are a tool to ensure employees are realising their company objectives and career goals.

These systems can start with the companies own goals and how the employee contributes to achieving them.

Unlike annual performance reviews, a performance management system is a year-round process that sets goals, monitors progress on those goals and provides the required resources to enable employees to achieve their goals.

Getting the right people is a massive factor in your future success as a growing business, out of everyone who wants a job how to do you attract, identify and employ the right people?

We can assist you to develop your employer proposition – in other words, your brand and reputation as an employer and employ tailored strategies to appeal to your ideal candidate base.

With our recruitment strategies in effect, we can assist in streamlining the interview process by identifying the most desirable candidates and help you during the assessment and selection process.

There are many aspects of employment that you may find difficult, it is different for everyone, but we are here to assist with HR advice and support for when you encounter a challenge that is not in your wheelhouse as a small business. From pay negotiations to employment tribunals dealing we help you tackle these challenges.

Every day is a school day. We never really lose the potential for growth, and getting the most out of your team means investing in their development.

Training and coaching are useful tools to help identify and support team members who are underperforming. Investing in your staff is beneficial even for high performing team members as it shows their value and empowers them to further drive your business.

Ensuring the right skills are in your business for it to succeed is important in any small business. We can help you develop the right HR training and development plan for your staff members.

It is critical to have a managed disciplinary and grievance system in place, so everyone has a clear understanding of what to expect if any issues arise that must be addressed.

It is important that when dealing with disciplinary and grievance that you are compliant with employment legislation and the ACAS code of practice.

It is important that everyone is treated fairly and has the proper channels to communicate an issue. For employers the disciplinary procedure is there to address an employee’s poor conduct or performance, Employees also have a procedure to follow when they need to complain about aspects of their employment.

With technological and social development, the traditional organisational structure is being challenged by an evolving workforce and changing employee expectations.

Developing an organisational management system that suits your company can difficult to identify and implement.

Opt HR can help your small business design your organisational management to identify the problems your organisation faces and define the solutions.

Getting to know your business means we can assist with one-off issues and projects where you need additional support. This pay as you go HR service is offered to provide you with the flexibility your business needs.

All businesses have different requirements, and as a small business, you may not require a full-time HR manager. With Retained HR Services you can decide how many hours is right for you.

With a fixed monthly consulting fee, you can troubleshoot your ideas and will not have to worry about any hidden charges.

Every small business is unique, so it makes sense there is no single HR strategy to suit them all.
We begin by getting to know your business and the people in it, we want to know where you are now, where you want to be and how you plan to get there. We use this to offer tailored HR support for small businesses that want to work more efficiently towards their business goals.

Your staff are your most unique and valuable asset. Successfully managing them helps to drive your business forward. At Opt HR we help you get the most out of your business by utilising process and procedure to increase the efficiency of your operations and drive your business further.

When you have a small business, you rely on your team, but you cannot count on them being at work every day. Opt HR can help you manage absence using HR software for small business, to allow you to record sickness and unexplained absences, create heat maps to look for trends and have plans for when someone does not show up to work.

There are legal obligations within the countries employment legislation on how you should manage your staff. Contracts of Employment and Company Handbooks are useful tools to defines the requirements of employees and how they are different from the requirements of the employer.

It is important as a business not to be found in breach of GDPR, especially small businesses. At Opt HR we ensure your processes and procedures all comply with GDPR and you won’t get caught out with a fine.

We have a large selection of templates pertaining to all aspects of HR documentation and guidance. These documents save time and effort drafting documents you will need in the course of running a small business.