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Things To Consider When Choosing The Right HR Partner

What are the signs that you should start thinking about using retained HR Consultancy:

1. Spending more time dealing with people issues than growing your business.
2. Feeling isolated and alone. Your managers are spending more time in meetings than directing and doing their job.
3. Staff feel they are not listened to and you notice a drop in morale.
4. An increase in sickness absence, whether management’s or staff’s, and stress levels are increasingly a concern as people appear to be unable to deal with their daily work. Productivity levels are falling and for no obvious reason.
5. Customer satisfaction is being affected despite your best efforts to put operational systems and practices in place.
6. Talented staff leave, possibly taking up new roles in your competitors. Offering additional pay/bonus no longer works and falls outside your agreed pay scale limits.
7. Struggling to attract the right talent and leadership to the organisation because your recruitment process keeps failing to identify the right people.
8. Spending more time worrying at night and the weekends about how you are going to hold the business together than thinking about those sectors and services you wish to grow.
9. The person/people in charge of HR no longer have the technical capability or breadth of skillset to deal with more complex HR issues. They are struggling to manage the function despite their best efforts.
10. Being forced to jump through hoops and it takes too long to resolve the simplest of staff issues. Your legal costs are escalating for advice on more complex HR matters.

Here are the 12 key areas you should focus on with your outsourced HR partner:

1. What is the vision for your business?
2. How do you see yourself as a leader, what things do you do well?
3. What key performance indicators and metrics do you use to measure your progress?
4. Are your people delivering the value to your business?
5. Are your people motivated and committed to achieving your business goals?
6. Are you clear on the purpose or ‘why’ for your business, and the ‘why’ for your teams, and the ‘why’ for each employee?
7. Do you have a business strategy?
8. Do you people know what the business strategy is and what must be achieved?
9. How do you communicate key important messages to your people?
10. How do your people know what is expected of them in their role?
11. How do you review your people’s contribution?
12. How do you help your people be as effective as possible in their role?

If you don’t have a HR partner or if your HR partner doesn’t challenge you to think strategically about your people, then Opt HR can help redress the balance. Contact Us Today

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